Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Brinley

These are some pics Dad took. She's SO CUTE!
6 pounds 10 oz and 18 inches of cuteness (almost the same as me!).She has awesome fingers and perfect fingernails - dark somewhat curly hair and is just adorable. She also has LOTS of clothes!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pool Party!

After a cold and long winter, a non-existent Spring and a summer of chilly days, it's finally been warm enough for the girls to use my new deck pool. They were very excited, and I'm glad to have something entertaining and fun for them! Time for a pool party!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Hike - Adams Canyon

So we took the family on a little hike up Adams Canyon. We left around 4ish so packed up dinner so we could eat up at the falls. I think it turned out a little more difficult than most of us thought - mostly b/c trying to climb with all those little kids was a challenge. I kept thinking how lucky we were to be in Adams Canyon though, and not in Blue John (my last hike). Now THAT would have been "fun"!

Robert wrestling with Carmelo's leash. We had Carmelo, Tracy and Fraya all on the hike. Carmelo did great as long as he could see Jenn, Tracy did fine as long as he wasn't near the water and Fraya had to be carried pretty much the whole way the big wuss

Grandma and Isabella getting ready to go hiking

Curt, Joselyn and Cayden heading out

Grandpa and Savannah

Emily and Mikayla

Brax and Morgan

Kids taking a break - we stopped for dinner

The falls and creek were overflowing - the water was running fast and it was a little nerve wracking with all those little kids around it.

Looking up at the family climbing. I'm still trying to figure out how, after passing off Cayden to Jenn, Curtis went the entire rest of the hike without carrying anything. And dad had two packs for 1/2 the trip! hmmm....

Natalie taking a break while holding Fraya. That's pretty much how Fraya "hiked"...lazy bones dog!

Jenn ended up carrying Cayden a lot of the way

Falls - I think this is the lower falls

Crossing under the upper falls

Hangin out on the other side of the falls

I snuck into mom and dad's pic when dad made mom cross part way so she could see the upper falls. She wasn't too happy to get her feet wet, but I think her smile says she was glad to see the falls. My face just says that I think I'm hilarious. Well I AM!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Last night Melissa and I decided to take the 4 girls - Natalie, Savannah, Emily and Mikayla out for a nature scavenger hunt. After Natalie and Savannah ended up scootering for over 12 miles on the Legacy Parkway, I don't think they were too eager for me to take them on a long walk. So we stuck close in the neighborhood, but it was nice to enjoy the sunshine and see some pretty things. This blog post is for them so they can see their pics and remember all the fun things we saw. Above is the single dandelion we saw. Amazing considering 3 weeks ago half the lawns in the neighborhood were dandelions. And for anyone who has seen my lawn and can't believe this is the only dandelion they saw - well my yard was totally off limits for the entire scavenger hunt.

They found different man-made signs:

These are their "something beautifuls":

Feather was on the list - but we couldn't find one. So Melissa suggested we settle for this "feather-like" plant. I guess it works!

They each had to find a pet that wasn't their own. Emily and Mikayla found an exotic cat. Savannah and Natalie chose 3 giant dogs that barked a lot and I told them not to go near them. Yes - I'm a wuss.

They each chose something that made a loud noise. Natalie and Savannah stuck to nature - they pounded small rocks on a giant rock and it was definitely noisy. The little girls chose a car. Not exactly natural, but loud I guess!

When they got to something scary, Natalie and Savannah chose a creepy looking dog in the window. Emily and Kayla went with a purple tree...not really sure why that was scary, but they insisted that it was!

The creativity really came out when it was time to find bark from a tree. Or...yeah...maybe not so much creative, as Done. This was near the end of our hunt.

Finding a hole a rabbit could live in was almost no challenge for my geniuses. Savannah and Natalie combined their rabbit hole with something that smelled good. Mikayla and Emily tried to stick themselves in the hole. Didn't quite fit!

They all found different pink flowers - I wouldn't let them use my pink tulips. Emmy insisted that it be ONE pink flower (that's how it was written on their paper). The older girls weren't quite as picky.

They had to find a tree that had more than 5 branches. The girls found a good one!

The girls each found sticks that were as long as their arm. Strangely enough, that took awhile. Again, if they could have used my yard, they'd have been all set. There are plenty of sticks at my house!

All done - each of the items were signed off. I have pics of everything, but this blog post is long enough. Some not pictured - ants, insects, rocks the size of their palm, something blue, litter, was a very long list. Thanks girls - it was a blast hanging out with you guys!

Hangin with my good friend Luke

So I babysat Luke for Melody while they all went and played in St. George. Luke and I had a great time and I miss him already!!